leaders today rely on accurate data to make their decisions

However, wading through the volume of data being produced can be a very difficult challenge. From hardware protocols and diagnostic information, external data streams, and other internet connected devices, capturing data in an actionable way becomes a daunting task.

Seisan has found a way to overcome these challenges with our deep history of systems integration. We have integrated on-board hardware devices in our customers' fleet, created custom APIs to integrate legacy and proprietary systems with COTS products, and found other ways to extract data from various source modalities. Extracting the data (whether structured or unstructured data) is only the first step in driving towards a complete solution. Over the years Seisan has taken everything from location, e-commerce, and back-office program (ERP, HR, Finance, etc.) data to create models and engines to digest it into an easily read format.

We create custom dashboards co-mingling the various data sources into an automated and actionable format leading to real time business decisions. In the end, our customized views displayed in a geospatial representation of the data against key performance indicators allow for visual cross-comparisons of disparate data across platforms.

some of our capabilities include:

machine learning / artificial intelligence / robotic process automation / computer vision

We bring you the latest automation techniques to relieve your enterprise from monotony allowing your employees to focus on higher value tasks.

hardware integration

With a deep history of working with IoT solutions, Seisan can extract data from your hardware to give your enterprise real-time insights into your operational environment.

custom API development

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if that was just automatic?” or “If this could just talk to that it would really cut down on a lot of effort.” We have experience creating hundreds of custom APIs per year to bring your disparate systems together.

Data Analysis & Big Data

Often businesses have access to lots of data but have no way of knowing how to leverage that data into value-based decisions. We navigate your legacy data sets (structured & unstructured) to prepare you for the next level of data-driven leadership.

custom dashboards

How do you exploit all this data from multiple systems into an intuitive, easy to read, and most importantly actionable display? Through our custom dashboards, we create user friendly custom dashboards to cut through the noise and create meaningful analysis dynamically adjustable to how you do business.