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Seisan is a technology consultancy that helps business realize their potential, maximize investments, and bring ideas to life through customized, state of the art digital solutions for any problem or budget.

Today, companies are being challenged to do more with less. Your technology can be the very thing that holds you back or launches you to the next level. Seisan helps businesses free up valuable time and resources so they can focus on what lies ahead.

We treat your business as though we are a part of it.


Start-ups & Entrepreneurs with great ideas who need a strong technical team to guide them.

Small to Mid-sized Businesses that are looking for increased productivity, efficiencies, and capabilities.

Government Agencies needing outside perspective and commercial best practices to transform their applications and modernize their missions.

Established Enterprises that need more technical resources to push important projects across the finish line.

Below are just a few ways we can help your business be successful.

digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Seisan helps modernize your business through a phased systematic approach that leverages the latest techniques and practices to maximize your information technology investments to overcome technical debt.

improved engagement

Improved Engagement

We create powerful technology experiences to help engage your target audience. Whether it's your employees, customers, public consumers, or sales channels, Seisan enables you to extend your brand and maximize attention.

asset utilization

Asset Utilization

Our geospatial and location services expertise help you take 'where' data to give you greater insights into your enterprise or user base. Through various coonnected devices and sensors we create meaningful visualizations and analysis to drive smarter decisions more quickly.

staff augmentation

Variable Staff Augmentation

Gain acces to Seisan's team of experts on a subscription-based model. We are not just putting a body in a seat, we provide you a greater level of accountability and a broader level of capability that can be scaled with your needs (and budget).

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