We utilize adaptive project framework for agile software development

At the core of most organizations are information technology applications that have allowed a transition away from manual processes into less obtrusive digital formats. However, over time these applications are often neglected in their importance and their operation. While Seisan has extensive experience in utilizing outdated application data in new and productive ways, we also transform legacy applications using all of the tools and techniques available.

This starts utilizing the Adaptive Project Framework to agile software development. This allows us to quickly adapt as a project progresses in order to appropriately meet evolving requirements. We utilize a mix of extreme and lean programming methodologies to fit within our test driven development processes.

Seisan has worked with many commercial fortune 100 clients in environments promoting transformative software development approaches to include:


We specialize in developing code in a state of continuous planning, testing, integration, and deployment.

application refactoring

Seisan modifies non-functional parts of an application code base to optimize the ability to leverage cloud functions and improve performance, readability, and portability.


Microservices consist of building an application architecture of loosely coupled smaller services that do not rely on one another; increases performance and lessens the size of protocols.