"location, location, location" is more than just a real estate adage - it's a game changer

With more than 25 years of developing innovative location and mobile location aware applications under our belts, we have proven our expertise in the art of creating geospatial solutions that help our clients turn readily available location data into strategic business gains.


Our clients know just how much we love to leverage location and mapping data to improve their operations and bottom line. Our list of custom location-based business tools includes:

enterprise tracking for large vehicle fleets

We custom develop back-end tracking as well as integrate with existing enterprise fleet solutions. We have worked to integrate with world class fleet solutions.

iot integrations

Security features, alerts, and logic-based benefits.

interactive mapping

We create tools to send customers to nearest retail locations from any device.

virtual asset management tracking

Tracking that informs customers if items are in stock locally.

indoor mapping

Solutions for hospitals, stadiums, campuses, and office buildings.

mapquest recommends seisan

Seisan has long been the professional services firm recommended by MapQuest to its Fortune 500 clients. We have a wide range of experience working with major mapping platforms including the open source MapBox, OpenStreetMap, Google, and many others.