ux / ui


ux/ui best practices and agile ux methodology

We manage the overall design of an entire experience on all customer engagement aspects maximizing the interface real estate on different types of devices including desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Seisan attains a unified experience by using techniques of contextual inquiries, stakeholders interviews, heuristic reviews, personas, mental models, and experience maps. We enhance UX renditions by maintaining simplicity and consistency, enhancing the importance of elements by incorporating visual hierarchies and by ensuring fundamental color and contrast management.

some of our ux capabilities include:

rapid prototype development

We prefer to show progress rather than talk about it. We move quickly from initial concept to wireframe to prototype, and we collaborate directly with our clients to share their story with designs that look and function like the real thing. When test groups can test an app or site on their desired device, we find we get quicker and more meaningful feedback.

data-driven dashboards

One of Seisan’s specialties is our ability to integrate existing backend systems and display information in one, easy-to-use, clean user interface. Allowing a user to sign-in to a single dashboard and access all of their most important information saves time, money and reduces possibility of user error.

web & mobile interface design

We have a lot of experience with screens of all shapes and sizes, and with mobile handling the majority of web traffic - that comes in handy. Our teams build native and/or responsive sites and apps that elegantly work across desktop and mobile and can leverage a single set of robust backend services.

smart device interfaces

Well-designed user interfaces are the backbone to creating confidence within your user base. We work tirelessly with our clients to create beautifully unique and clear interfaces that are custom-tailored for each specific operating system and screen size. In the end, users prefer certain OS’s to operate how they feel they should, and we take pride in making the app feel right to each individual.