seisan is a leading-edge technology company

Born out of curiosity and furthering knowledge of what is possible with what is available, Seisan continues to push boundaries of commercial applications for emerging technologies. While there are others, we as a 'tip of the spear' effort, we are prototyping and implementing the following:

some of our capabilities include:

machine learning / artificial intelligence / robotic process automation / computer vision

Creating automated data engines that can find the needles in the haystacks and make sense of the every-growing amount of data and allowing for predictability and faster decision making

Internet of Things (IoT) Development

Seisan has a long history of IoT development; beginning in 2006, we used remote network connected devices and their data for one of our largest clients; we continue to use our approaches paired with cloud technologies and data streaming to bring value to our customers.

Augmented Reality

Whether through interactive game play or adding greater depth to a user's experience, augmented reality allows for users to seamlessly integrate technology into their world.

Virtual Reality

Recreation of the real world in a virtual environment with multiple technology and data integration points allows a completely immersive experience that was never thought possible before.

5G / EDGE Computing

The next generation of mobile infrastructure is almost here and Seisan is honored to be able to work hand in hand with mobile carriers to test and develop use cases on this exciting new modality. With 5G speeds, EDGE computing will allow massive throughput of data to mobile devices further utilizing cloud technologies and platforms pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

Bluetooth Low Energy

While providing another level of location services without the reliance on GPS, maintaining low energy usage rises in relevance. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can power beacons to provide location specific alerts by utilizing signal strength to approximate range. Seisan has experience with both iBeacons and Google Eddystone standards. Potential applications include: real time asset tracking and logistics/supply chain planning, consumer experiences for shopping notifications of sale or new items, advertisements, or trigger additional experiences within augmented reality applications.

Local Mesh Networks

Mesh networks are an IoT solution to extend the range of data communications. This node based concept allows for devices to continue communication without the need for Wifi or Cellular service. Alternatively, this technically can also extend a network's range by sending data along a mesh node chain until it reaches a signal with throughput to send a message to its destination. Seisan currently works with mobile device mesh networking libraries that can extend the communications between smartphones and mobile devices.